Space – Projects

Space-Projects is an Artist-run initiative initiated by Maud Oonk and is based in Amsterdam since 2015. Space-Projects initiates collaborations between artists and in doing so encourages artists to experiment with new ways of making and presenting. The Space-Projects evening events take place every other month for a small personal invited group of people with different backgrounds. The invited artists get coupled based on their subject interest and working-method. By focusing on each other’s making-process the invited artist find their position in the arts and get to know the unity and diversity within conceptual ideas. The projects appropriate different places, like studios of other artist or public spaces in Amsterdam to create a dynamic and alternative way of presenting. This nomadic-approach makes the process hybrid and heterogenic in terms of what will be shown, what will happen and when. The artist, the space and the public are part of the happening, this all results in one ‘work in process’. The project stimulates the artists to reflect on where they are standing and where they want to go in their career.